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Thread: ODU Game

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    Our win vs George Mason was great but lets look forward to the next game against ODU. Its gonna be tough- George Mason:Trask UNCW:Ted - but we should still win this game IMO. We are a much better team right now than they are. their best win in January has been against William & Mary (173 RPI) with bad losses vs. Delaware and at home to William and Mary. Against teams within 30 RPI points of us (140-200) they are 2-3. Their home record this year is 7-3 but those seven wins have come against teams with RPIs of 304, 209, 232, 74, 336, 224, and 189. This is a game that we can and should win.


    Hawks 62
    Monarchs 56

    Monarchs lead by 4 at halftime but Hawks win because of free throws.

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    Should be a good game this week. Most of us are hoping the team is slowly coming into its own with all our young guys. Should be a great game! Glad to see you all bounce right back this year to the upper echelon.

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    Never underestimate ODU. They have UNCW's number right now and until the Hawks win, I wouldn't predict a victory, especially at the Ted. I just hope that the Hawks can make it competitive until the last 4 minutes to give them a shot. That's about all you can ask for against a very good program on the road.
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    Very true Bill. We have the same problems with ODU that GMU has with us. Hopefully we can put a stop to that on Wed.

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    The curse of ODWHO needs to end,, no better time than now!!!
    At Least our baseball team is nails!

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    the Seawolves are playing with a lot of confidence right now. Where most teams in this league are getting 17 with their top 2 players, we've managed to get 14 out of 4 or 5 guys a night. Everyone feels comfortable shooting the ball, not just TJ and Hendley. Coach Moss is learning how to be a head coach too. He's using his players at the right times and getting the best out of them. With solid defense, like that displayed on Saturday, this squad will hold ODU under 70. And by doing that, the Hawks almost always assure themselves a win. It's fun to watch this team now...to watch them developing into a tough out. It's a huge difference than the team in November.

    GO WOLVES!!!!
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    Kind of like the College of Charleston games, I never count a win against ODU until it happens regardless of records or statistics. Besides, it was only about two weeks ago we were trounced by James Madison.

    I'm hoping for a win and it looks possible, but tough to count when we have to go back to Wainwright for a win against them.

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    JMU was thinking the same thing when they came in on a Wednesday night, and got pasted. This is not a good time to play the Monarchs, and we are finally playing our best players. I wouldn't look at our resume as a absolute example of what you will see tomorrow night. When was your last victory at the TED?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVarela11
    When was your last victory at the TED?
    December of 2001. :x

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    We're O-fer in the Ted, I think. Our last win at ODU was at the fieldhouse.

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