The DAC Pack has made a couple Facebook/Twitter updates about Isaac Freeman and people around campus have apparently seen him and yelled things telling him to come to Drexel. I know all the current guys LOVE playing in front of the DAC Pack, so it'd be great to really instill that on recruits.

Here's a question... for those that have seen both play - between 7 foot recruits Issaac Freeman and Tao Xu, who would you prefer at Drexel? Who would we have a better shot of landing?

From everything I've read, I think Tao Xu is the better player, and I LOVE everything I've heard about him being a great student. But if he already has offers from power schools, it will be really tough to land him (hopefully he loves engineering). I think we need a super tall guy next season to get minutes in situations of foul trouble, or where matchups dictate. Because after next season our bigs will be Dartaye, Casey/Kaz, and whomever we bring in. After this season, we'll need to somebody to bring that defensive presence in the middle that Daryl currently provides.