First time able to log in YES YES YES! Different family events kept me away from watching the second half so I had to rely on ESPN text score updates and Twitter. Kind of hard to coach basketball practice while checking your phone every second! Then one of my kids was in a holiday chorus performance during the last half of the fourth quarter. My brother inlaw calls me and ask if I am watching the game and I begrudingly tell him no. At this is the last update I had was the score to make it 31-28. He tells me Towson took the lead with 17 seconds left and in a middle of this perfomrance I was at I became that guy screaming and shouting outloud at the wrong time. Who cares because we are going to the Chamionship!

I dont' post as much as others but I go to this site basically on a daily basis for the past number of years. It is so good and fun being able to read these threads when only a number of years ago we could never even dream of making the postseason no less be one step away from a title.

Like many on these boards I have always been a proud Tiger Alum lose or win but this is one of the PROUDEST moments!