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    Default If there was ever any doubt...

    Regarding which programs completely own the CAA, those doubts have been eliminated. The CAA is ODU/VCU/GMU, and losing any one of them would make this league soooo much less attractive.
    I don't see any way we don't make the jump to FBS, clearly that's been the goal since the decision was made to add football.
    Now, it appears that VCU and GMU might be essentially competing for one spot in the A10.

    Seeing one of them left behind would be absolutely hilarious. VCU could probably survive it, at least in the short term, with their hoops program. GMU? They'd be stone cold screwed.
    "It absolutely was"...MBO4 on whether it was ok to mock a child with Down's Syndrome.

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    Default Re: If there was ever any doubt...

    Please refer to the million other threads about CUSA on our boards. No need for a new thread.

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