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Thread: Scrimmage Game

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    Default Scrimmage Game

    I was at the open scrimmage today. Here are my thoughts:

    Heinicke looked hesitant and indecisive on many of his snaps. Was inaccurate a good portion of the day. Hopefully readjusting his footwork hasn't screwed him up. He did have a nice two minute drive near the end of the scrimmage. He seems to do better in those pressure situations.

    Nate Ong was definitely the better QB today. Timing was good. Got rid of the ball pretty quickly. Threw a beautiful 25 yard pass into the endzone on a post rout (don't remember who the receiver was). I think he had two TD passes on the day.

    There wasn't a heap of running plays, but Angus Harper made his mark with the ones he carried. He looked very good.

    Wilder was running a heck of a lot of gimmick plays from the PAT, FG and punt formations. A lot of reverses and misdirections.

    Defense looked good from what I could tell. They had a couple of blown coverages, but for the most part, they looked good.

    Wonder if anyone else was there and had feed back.

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    Thanks N2.........I really want to see Angus Harper take it to the next level. A very active part time football coach (I used to work with in DC area....JV head coach actually) said Harper is capable of playing like a scaled Adrian Peterson with a couple years of maturity and focus.

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