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Good luck to GStU in the stupid Sunbelt. FBS in name alone. Win the conference go on to the New Orleans Bowl, Whoopie!
You sound a bit envious of GSU because in a few years they may have a shot doing battle wit power-houses like Rice or Eastern Michigan in the “Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl”.


Yeah, some day, some day……….

I’m thinking that since the only way to move a program up to Div 1 is to join a conference and the trend among existing BCS conferences is to grow to 14-16 teams, I think there's a possibility Towson and other CAA teams may end up joining a struggling BCS conference as a group.

My guess would be Conf USA? *

They’re down to 8 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more schools leave. *

While we may not be ready, so are many teams playing Div 1 FBall currently. Ie., Duke, North Texas, Tulane, E. Michigan, etc.,*

They can keep the “Beef ‘O’ Brady Bowl”. We’ll create our own….. Like the Sunbelt, *another conference could create more bowls *to extend the season.

Outside of the “Pizza Palace Bowl” a FBS conference Towson plays in could also participate in bowls such as; *“Swallow at the Hollow Bowl”, “Uncle Wiggly’s Bowl”, “Kent Lounge Bowl”, “Elks Lodge Bowl”, “Wells Discount Liquor Bowl” *etc., etc., *