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    Default GSU a candidate for the Sunbelt.

    No invitation has been offered but Karl Benson of the Sun Belt is having informal talks with Levick of GSU.


    The move would be expensive, exit fee $250,000 and loss of revenue sharing. Plus the CAA schools GSU has been associated with are much better than the Sun Belt schools. But it's also a downside for the CAA as their teams won't have much exposure in the Atlanta market and the Georgia recruiting grounds. They could add Georgia Southern but if they thought GSU an inconvenient travel, imagine Statesboro. Plus Georgia Southern won't deliver the Atlanta market and would be at the bottom academically in the CAA for sure.

    It only goes to show that market is more important than tradition. I suppose there still is chance for Georgia Southern with their good attendance figures, but in terms of market, they aren't very appealing. And with the Atlanta market, depending on what happens with the CUSA and MWC merger, GSU has a long shot at that. CUSA would like to be in Georgia and the Atlanta market. It fits nicely in their footprint. CUSA is losing some good schools but other good schools will remain.

    No telling when or if GSU will make the move. But considering that GSU and Kennesaw State were both considering football around the same time, it would be funny if GSU were already FBS when KSU was just starting its inaugural football season as an independent. I mean some at KSU had visions of KSU entering the Big East.

    Course, there's even a hint of another big shake up where the elite programs go off and form their own collegiate program in which case mere FBS status will lose significance.
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