“They haven’t been pressed barely at all, certainly not fullcourt pressure,” Smart said. “They’ve played against some three-quarter-court pressure. We had to go back two and three seasons to see what they did. Of course, their personnel is so much better now.

“It’s always interesting to see what a team’s going to do when they’re not used to seeing what you’re going to throw at them. The first 5 or 10 minutes of the game will be a feeling out process for both teams, and then from there it’s going to be a matter of who makes adjustments and who plays the hardest.”
“There’s sometimes a difference between theory and practice, but that’s what we’re trying to do every time out,” Smart said. “I think one of the advantages of our style of play is teams are not used to playing against it on a regular basis. They’re not used to practicing that way. We are. If we can get the game going the way we want it to go . . . that gives you an advantage.”
“Big Ten teams don't really press and stuff like that,” he (Christian Watford) said. “Their length kind of reminds you of Kentucky. . . . As far as pressure, we really haven't faced anybody like them.”
“There's a toughness to it,” he (Tom Crean) said. “But it's really, really hard to play against that kind of length. And they have tremendous length. I think they do an excellent job of pushing you in a spot. Their traps are really hard-nosed.

“You've got to do a great job of catching the ball where you want to catch it. If you catch it where they want you to catch it, it's going to be a problem. It's going to be in the deep corner, there's going to be two defenders . . . and there's going to be a baseline and a sideline line that now turn into four people. We've watched so much film where people have been in that situation and there's no way to capitalize on that.”
“I'll tell you what, just watching him on tape, he's as good as any big kid that we've played in the three years I've been at VCU,” Smart said. “And the scary thing is he's only a freshman. His future is extremely bright. He's going to do terrific things at Indiana and beyond.

“You talk about him running the floor. We definitely can't give him easy baskets in transition. I would guess that one of the things that they'll try to do is get the ball in quickly after makes or certainly on misses, get the ball out quickly and then look for Zeller running to the rim. If you can get the ball in extremely quickly before the press is set up, then that's one way to beat pressure defensive teams.

“So for us that's going to be a big point of emphasis. We have to get in the press quickly and make sure we get back and take away layups from him.”