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    Default Re: ODU's Bazemore arrested in uniform before tip

    Quote Originally Posted by Mottman View Post
    Maybe if he is embarassed in public, he will get the point that 1, you shouldn't drink and drive and 2, you shouldn't skip out on the punishment you received for drinking and driving. Honestly, the kid is lucky that this country doesn't consider drinking and driving a serious offense unless you kill someone and even then it's still just a slap on the wrist. I think it would have been appropirate if they plastered his face on the scoreboard first...whatever it takes to get the important message across.
    holy sh.t are you stupid.

    A. How many boards are you going to go around attacking the kid on? You just look like a bitter little d.uche.

    B. Did you really just say you get a slap on the wrist if you kill someone while drunk driving??

    Jesus.....seriously, quit posting. You are embarrassing your university (and yes, I know he's not a hofstra fan).

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    Default Re: ODU's Bazemore arrested in uniform before tip

    Razor, you need to relax. Bazemore had six months to take care of this and didn't do a thing and apparently didn't even tell his coach about it. Cops had every right to act how they did Wednesday after he made a mockery of the whole thing. If he's embarrassed, tough crap.


    I'm willing to believe this is a decent young kid making a terrible mistake, but it's a whopper of a mistake, one that doesn't leave him any room to elicit sympathy. He needs to pay the price, hope time heals all wounds and hope he's allowed back in the Ted someday.

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    Default Re: ODU's Bazemore arrested in uniform before tip

    The Irony of it all is that he is going to graduate in May with a degree in Criminal justice. You know I think both sides screwed up royally here. First is was Bazemore who should know better. Also the police dept who knew he was a basketball player for ODU and needed crime stoppers tip to know he was playing in a basketball game.
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    Default Re: ODU's Bazemore arrested in uniform before tip

    I wish they arrested Bazemore while he was shooting a Free Throw. Drinking and driving is disgusting. Also, the fact that he had no remorse, and failed to take care of it? He should have been embarassed. I am glad the cops did what he did.
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    Default Re: ODU's Bazemore arrested in uniform before tip

    mottman is clearly not from nassau county

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