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    Default Re: GMU/VCU to the A-10?

    would be a great day for hofstra if those two left.

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    Default Re: GMU/VCU to the A-10?

    Quote Originally Posted by hofstrahoopsfan2007 View Post
    would be a great day for hofstra if those two left.
    I have to agree, but part of me want to beat the best to be the best. I would sort of want them to stay and see us finally overtake them. Thought we had in 2006.

    From their perspective, I don't see why they'd want to leave (at least for men's hoops).

    They already recruit well enough to get as far as the Final Four. So, what do they need the A-10 for, unless it's for more money (which would just be greed; not really to go further than theey've been or capable of going in the future)?

    They are the elite teams in the CAA league on an annual basis, and have each been to a Final Four in the past 7 yrs, one of them, just last year - plus, they have a bunch of other tourney appearances and tourney wins over that time.

    Anyone not named Xavier doesn't typically make deep NCAA tourney runs like that out of the A-10 lately. And yet, the A-10 is deeper top to bottom, and would probably lessen Mason and VCU's chances of returning to the NCAA tourney.

    I don't know what other sports they may want it for, but for those saying we should leave the CAA, it makes less sense right now for Mason and VCU to that do for men's hoops.

    I'd love to ask Pecora his thoughts if that were to actually happen. Would probably something like, "Ugh, just great. I thought I finally got away from those guys and now THEY find ME."
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    VCU/GMU to the A-10 is gaining traction... they mention Richmond, George Washington and Charlotte to the CAA.


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    Default Re: GMU/VCU to the A-10?

    Richmond back to the CAA makes sense. Yaeger will have a new team to root for and they will play the tourney on their home court plus they have football. Maybe VCU-GMU thinks starting football will cost too much and add in title IX and the move to the A-10 makes sense. Adding SBU or Fordham to the CAA makes sense for Yaeger as both have football. I think also GSU and UNCW looking to make a move. GSU to BCS eventually and UNCW to the Big South as their are more teams from North Carolina as traveling partners.
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    Default Re: GMU/VCU to the A-10?

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