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Good for them.

The VCU Ram Nation message board is saying Smart was told they would be going to the A10 along with us and Butler.
This is untrue. We were responding to the same info/links/stories post here on the zone. I don't believe anyone said that Shaka was told we were going to the A10. I did make a comment saying that perhaps that was part of his new package (or considering going to the A10)....but that was based on no evidence.

Shaka said he wants to stay if the program continues to move in the right direction (whatever that means - you can assume just like I can). But we want to build a practice facility, have more recruiting money, money for good asst coaches, etc.

Norwood has said we are still building the program (whatever that means...again we can assume anything).

But to be honest, with the Towsons, WM, JMU NU, GaSt....it is hard to continue to elevate the program when 25-30% of the league dwells at the bottom of 350 teams.

But who knows what will or won't happen. I think we are all in the dark. But if GaSt leaves to upgrade football, who are we going to add who has a strong bball program? What if ODU leaves in a year or two. Yeager has done a good job of brining football into the CAA but at the expense of the basketball portion of our league. Is it going to bite him in the ass?

But it is all speculation. But no one knows or specifically said they know that shaka was told that we are moving.