"I hope there's some more in there," Theus said. "We're just happy to play another game."
"That's just something you live for, you dream for," Daniels said. "You want to take the big shot. Carl Hall just happened to step back one slight step too far. Coach Smart wants me to take those shots."
"The ball swung around to me, they hadn't matched up yet, and I was able to knock it down," Burgess said.
"I was thinking, 'Don't get your shot blocked,' " Theus said. "I practiced on the floater all summer. That's my game in the paint, just to get that floater up. It could be shots over that 7-footer, and you've got to get those shots up extra high.

"It was in the air a long time before it hit the rim. It hit that soft bounce on the back of the rim and went it. When I saw it bounce, I said, 'You've got to fall.' That's all I was thinking: 'Please fall.' "
"I thought coming into the game, Wichita State had one of the best teams in the country," Smart said. "I still feel that way. They played really, really well. Our guys hung in there.

"We didn't play perfect basketball in the second half, but they really showed a level of resolve and battled after Wichita State took the lead. We didn't put our heads down and kept fighting."
"I really do think we (have some magic left)," Daniels said. "We're not done yet."