"CAA championship," he (Troy Daniels) said. "When we look in the video room (at the Siegel Center), they have pictures of other teams that have won the CAA. I just wanted to get up there."
"I just talked to (Ed Nixon, one of last year's mainstays), and he said, 'You guys are creating your own legacy,' " Daniels said. "I said, 'I know man.'

"We did something the Final Four team didn't. We won the CAA championship."
"At the beginning of the season, nobody thought we could make it this far," Theus said. "We're just a group of guys who believe in each other."

"Hopefully, this will separate us from last year," Rob Brandenberg said. "We're not last year's team."
"Ice-cold veins," Daniels said. "That's something you live for growing up and I got the opportunity."

"Oh man," Theus said. "Thank God for Troy Daniels."
"I saw the handoff and there were two people there, so I was trying to see which one would be open," said Graham, who contributed key baskets in the second half and finished with 13 points. "Frantz got open, so I switched to him, and he tried to hit me with a move. I just tried my hardest to make sure he wouldn't be open.

Said Massenat: "We had a last chance at it, and I wanted to take that shot. I saw it, it looked good, it felt good, I thought it was going in. It's a shot I've taken a lot of times. I just missed it."
"It means a lot for Brad to get another ring, for a couple of guys to get our first one," Theus said.
"That's why they play this in March," he said. "I knew if focused on getting better week by week we'd get to this point."

Said Daniels: "We're moving on. We're not stopping right here."