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    Default Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    I work at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and got an e-mail about an NCAA Tournament pool they are having. The e-mail says:

    "Hello Adelphi!

    We are inviting you* to join our Free March Madness Men's Basketball Bracket Pool called AU CAMPUS RECREATION POOL. The pool is being hosted on a website called tournamentpools.com.

    Click on the link below and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering on the website if you haven't registered before.

    Click here to join our pool:

    Pool ID#: x
    Pool Entry Code: x

    1st place winner: Campus Recreation Gift Pack (includes, blanket, umbrella, and more!!)
    2nd place winner: Campus Recreation Umbrella!

    *IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Due to NCAA compliance rules, NO Adelphi varsity athlete or staff of the Adelphi Athletic department are allowed to participate in this pool. Thanks for your cooperation!"

    I edited out the Pool ID# and Entry Code because it isn't for people here to join. My question is why should the NCAA have a problem with Adelphi athletes participating considering Adelphi is only in Division I for soccer?

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    You can thank Rick Neuheisel if I remember correctly.

    First if you work in athletics or a related department, it is generally a clause in your contract. The absolute geniuses at the NCAA also don't want your connections into the sports world to potential throw any college athletics. It's BS but that's why.

    I have a friend at a D1 school who has a "swimming pool." There were conveniently 64 swimmers who had corresponding codes and bracket rankings to the actual teams. Friends bet "laps" on the other swimmers. It was hilarious and genius.

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    They could relax the rules a little. I don't see any games being thrown or points shaven over an Adelphi University blanket and umbrella...

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    I'm sure it's just a blanket rule prohibiting any D1 athletics from betting on other D1 athletic events. I doubt the NCAA is going to bother parsing the rule to denote the specifics of what is a problem and what isn't. I also doubt that they'd investigate your athletic program if someone entered who isn't supposed to enter.

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    The NCAA writes blanket rules to try and prevent anything from happening. If you are a season ticket holder and have to give to the booster club, you are technically a booster. Even if you don't have the cash as a "friend of the program" to sway decision making. So the NCAA says thou shalt not talk to any recruits until they take their first class.

    The problem is the blatant hypocrisy and double standard w/ punishments. Boise State and Ohio State had the same punishment in terms of scholarships lost. At Boise, incoming freshmen slept on couches and floors of upper classmen housing. In Columbus the players sold memorabilia for tatoos, weed and other benefits.

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    Quote Originally Posted by expendable smurf View Post
    I'm sure it's just a blanket and umbrella rule ...
    Fixed that for you, smurf.

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    Might be a little paranoid, but athletes often hang out with other athletes, even on other teams, and they don't want to take any chances. Of course, we all know the NCAA looks the other way when much worse can take place, but this is often how they operate. They take the toughest stance on what seems to be the most insignificant of things to the rest of us.

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    Default Re: Do You Agree With This NCAA Policy?

    Who really cares...a stupid idea to begin with.

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