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    Default Re: 1ST ROUND v. JMU

    08 good call on holding us under 50, pathetic
    At Least our baseball team is nails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82hawk View Post
    Congrats to the team, but especially congrats to the coaching staff for finally make a bold move to change what wasn't working. Shane is the Goldsberry type player we have that doesn't have to be "coached" to play hard all the time. He brings aggressiveness, power, and does the little stuff that leads a team.

    Best coaching job of the year to play the players that need to be on the court.
    Buzz is a tad slow in the ole adjustment department. Took him 30 games to do it. Its been a frustrating season boys. Lets hope we don't have too many transfers and that Hager,Ponder,Gettys and Sherwood can get it done. I still think we will be eligible next year. I don't think the NCAA will keep a Major like Conn U...I mean Uconn out so some rule will be changed.
    We go from young to old so we better go from losing to winning.

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