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    Quote Originally Posted by JCSuperSka View Post
    I agree that this would be a great home for W&M/ RU if it went full scholarship and Richmond cancels their move to D3.
    If most of the CAA schools were to go FBS and the Patriot League allows football scholarships, I think it would be a good fit for W&M, VU, and UR. As for the Spiders, Richmond would not have to cancel any plans of going D3 due to the fact that the university is not going in that direction. According to NCAA regs a school cannot be D3 in one sport and D1 in other sports. Richmond is going to remain in the A10 in everything except football.

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    Default Re: Official: Patriot League football going scholly

    Quote Originally Posted by Tribe14SF View Post
    I'll be interested to see if Georgetown, and even Bucknell commit to 60 full scholarships. You're talking 2.5million plus each year, and those are two underfunded programs. Won't surprise me if Georgetown bails pretty quickly. If they hadn't made this move, they probably would have lost Lehigh, and Colgate, and Fordham was already out the door.

    Either way, the Patriot was going to be stressed to find new football schools. Unless something major happens with the CAA, neither W&M or UR are going to be interested, and I doubt Villanova would be either. If JMU, ODU, and Delaware all jumped ship the Patriot might become attractive, but that ain't happening any time soon. Maine and UNH would be better targets. Towson was a Patriot member, so there's precedent for larger, public schools with lower academic profiles.
    Only on the books. Not like they're getting close 2.5 mil in tuition from those 60 football players now that are on equivalencies.

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