View Full Version : Open letter to Jack Hayes

Bull Fan
11-15-2009, 08:51 AM
You know what to do at this point, in your heart of hearts if not publicly or if your boss won't let you eat the contract.

The coach has lost his team. The program is hearing howls from the stands and it's not going to stop from us.

You will hear us loud and clear at the UMass game. It will be ugly, and you won't be happy as an administrator. The stadium with maybe a couple-thousand (??) fans will hear our moaning and groaning, and unless you are completely ignorant to the game of football, you will be in agreement deep down.

If this mess continues, you're going to be seeing less and less of the football fans. Those that will remain behind, will be cat-calling you and your coach from the stands. He hears it now, he turned around and looked at me after a couple of my comments.

You need to remember, Hayes, that we've been here long before you've even heard of Hofstra, and we're going to be here long after you and your coach is gone.

I will be in full throat at the UMass mess, bellowing out, "Hayes, can you see this mess?"....